Teacher Supplies: Christmas Classroom Decorations for Younger Children

October 4, 2021

Bulman Products

Christmas is such an exciting time for young kids! As a teacher you’re happy to see their enthusiasm but you also want to keep their attention at school. A great way to do that is for your young students to be true Santa’s elves and decorate their classroom. Bulman Products has been working with art teachers for over 100 years so let us share some of our top tips and tools to make sure your young learners enjoy those pre-Christmas school days.

Teacher Supplies for Art and Craft Classes

The trick to having terrific arts and craft classes with young students is preparation and organisation. Paper is obviously key for arts and crafts projects around Christmas time. The challenge is often that you need a variety of paper. The best way to organise your paper materials is to use Paper Racks. Bulman racks can hold several paper rolls, allowing you to dispense exactly the right amount and length of paper for every project.

For schools, the great advantage of Bulman Paper Cutters is that they do not have sharp edges. In fact, the paper cutters are blunt, giving you peace of mind for even your most adventurous little elf. Bulman’s paper cutters are innovative as rather than using a razor-sharp blade, the paper is cut using the tension from the spring-loaded arm. This makes the blade “snap” down tight against the paper roll. While we still recommend that young children should be operate a paper cutter, Bulman Products paper roll cutters are a safer option for schools.

See our Paper Dispensers for School & Art Classes

Standard Rola-Rack Paper Cutter

This popular Paper Rack is the ideal solution for schools and art class. The paper roll dispenser accommodates eight paper rolls to dispense a great variety of art paper. The paper roll cutter with integrated heavy-duty casters is highly mobile and leads to a better organisation of the art equipment.


  • Highly mobile, equipped with heavy duty casters
  • Eight independent paper cutting stations
  • Constructed with metal parts in a grey baked powder coat finish

Double Roll Vertical Paper Rack

Our Vertical Paper Rack accommodates two paper rolls and is designed for a practical holding, dispensing and cutting of roll paper. The Paper Rack with optional casters can be easily moved between classrooms or classroom and storage room.


  • Accommodates two paper rolls
  • Requires only 63.5cm by 66cm of floor space
  • Finished in a light grey baked powder coat

Art Class Inspirations

Welcome to the Christmas Classroom!

Christmas Classroom decorations can start at the classroom door. By decorating the entrance, you are making the classroom welcoming and festive, as well as letting your young students know that the classroom is part of the pre-Christmas excitement. There are loads of options when it comes to decorating the classroom door. Snowmen, Santa, Christmas trains and reindeer are some of the classics.

Here are some ideas how to set up your individual Christmas classroom doors:

1. Santa Clause

The Santa Clause door decoration is easy to create and makes a great entrance for your Christmas classroom. All you need is some red, black and gold paper (art paper, construction paper or cardboard) for the clothes, cotton for beard and hat-trim, and red and beige fabric for hat and face.

A few easy steps:

  • Measure the door for the red main layer and dispense the ideal size from your paper roll holder.
  • Then, cut the remaining materials in the shape of the eyes, nose, face and belt.
  • Let your young pupils put the single layers on the floor and stick them with glue. Afterwards, the cotton beard can be attached.
  • Now the finished Santa can be attached to the door with ordinary tape on the edges.

2. Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree is a great way to individualise the decoration for your students. Use the outline of the hands of every pupil as branches.

Here is all you need to know:

  • Measure the size of the door for the background and dispense the ideal size from your paper roll holder. Preferably in a dark grey or blue.
  • Cut out a brown paper square for the trunk.
  • Let all your pupils cut paper in different green shades in the shape of their hands.
  • Decorate the fingertips of the paper hands with golden or silver glitter
  • Attach the different layers on the background paper and decorate the tree with bows and coloured cotton balls.
  • Attach your Christmas tree to the door with some tape on the edges.

Christmas bulletin boards & window decorations

Not interested in decorating your classroom doors or you would like to decorate even more? No worries! Here are a few more paper art ideas you can attach to your classroom’s bulletin boards or windows:

  • Christmas Handprint Cards: Let your pupils cut paper in the shape of their hands and decorate these with funny faces and caps. The handprint cards can be put on bulletin boards, windows or the pupils can bring them home.
  • Christmas paper wreaths can be easily created with coloured art paper and placed around the classroom. Click here to see how to create individual wreaths!
  • Creative baubles: Paper baubles are the ideal way of including the whole class in a creative way into the Christmas classroom decorations. Your pupils can design their own paper baubles and place a nice picture of them into the middle of the bauble.
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