Florist Tips for Valentine’s Day

January 6, 2022


Florist Bouquet Tips

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and it must be one of the biggest events of the year for every florist. People from all over the world get Valentine’s bouquets and small presents for their beloved ones. But this busy and rewarding day requires a good preparation. Bulman Products can help getting the preparation done, provide tips on the best tools and inspirations for your flower shop.

So, are you ready for the big day?

1. Decoration of the shop

A Valentine’s Day flower shop decoration is essential to remind those last minute shoppers on the special day and create a lovely atmosphere inspiring your customers to buy wonderful Valentine’s flower bouquets for their loved ones.

2. Get the right Paper & Florist Tools

Wrapping paper is essential to protect the flowers for the journey to the recipient. Make sure that you have enough wrapping materials on stock for the high demand on Valentine’s Day. A combination of Kraft Paper, colourful wrapping paper and cellophane rolls, as well as ribbons in different colours are the perfect preparation for the big day.

In addition to the wrapping material, specialist florist tools can facilitate and speed up the wrapping process of busy days. The Bulman paper cutters and ribbon dispensers are the ideal organisational tool for your flower wrapping station. The paper dispensers hold the paper rolls and enable a convenient wrapping process. Here are some of our top recommendations:

Standard All-In-One Dispenser

The Standard All-In-One Dispenser is a great tool for florists, as it enables an easy and fast wrapping process. The paper roll dispenser smoothly dispenses many paper types including Kraft paper and wrapping paper and can be mounted on counter, under counter or on a wall.

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Ribbon Dispenser

The Bulman Ribbon Dispenser has been a standard for many years! It is simply constructed and extremely easy to use. The ribbon dispenser can be loaded and unloaded quickly and is completely portable.

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3. Offer additional Valentine’s gifts

In addition to your wonderful Valentine’s bouquets, you should consider offering further Valentine’s Day gifts, which your customers can buy to accompany the flowers. The most common presents to get with flowers are the evergreen Valentine’s cards, pralines or chocolate and teddy bears.

Bouquet Trends & Inspirations

  • Red roses are timeless!  As they are one of the favourite bouquets for Valentine’s Day, you should make sure to have enough red roses on stock on the big day.
  • How about some fancy bouquets? You could try a great combination of different flowers, such as hydrangeas, carnations and roses in soft rose, white and beige. For the final touch, you could wrap the bouquet in a rose wrapping paper with a nice ribbon.
  • Colourful tulips are another trend for this year’s Valentine’s Day! As tulips are available in lots of different pink, rose and red shades, they can be combined great for a nice Valentine’s bouquet.


In addition to your shop preparation, why not also do some local marketing in the weeks before Valentine’s Day? We have collected some of the top florist marketing ideas in order to draw people’s attention to your flower shop:

  • In-Shop Marketing: Place posters with Valentine’s reminders and promotions on your shop windows.
  • Social Media Marketing: Your shop is already on social media? Use Facebook pages or Instagram profiles to publish pictures of some nice Valentine’s bouquets. Don’t forget to tag your location.
  • Local marketing: You could also consider some local marketing measures such as local newspapers, shops, post offices and companies.

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