Videos + Instruction Sheets

Instructions are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You will need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view the files. Click on the following link to get Acrobat Reader.

Video Instructions

Ribbon Dispensers

M790 Deluxe

Packing Tables

Deluxe Packing Table

Instruction Sheets

Vertical Units

R720 Portable Jumbo Cutter w/Casters

R721 Portable Jumbo Cutter without Casters

R995 Eight Roll K.D. Vertical Paper Rack

R996 Single Roll Vertical Paper Cutter

R998-RKD Four Roll Paper Rack

R999, R998 Eight and Four Roll Vertical Assembled Rack Instructions

R1204 The Suzette

R1499/R1599 Suzy Rack Clip Style Vertical


Cutting Systems

A681 Portable Razor-X

A684 Razor-X Cutter

A691R Portable Rotary Shear

A694 Rotary Shear Cutter

A696 Portable Deluxe Razor-X

A697 Deluxe Razor-X


Tape Dispensors

Jumbo Mover


M800 Manual Measure-A-Roll


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Interested in being a distributor?

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Instruction Sheets + Videos

Instruction Sheets + Videos

Don’t worry, we have many instruction sheets and videos available for our products to make your experience easier.
Click here to view our instruction sheets and videos.

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