Food Delivery: Tips to help with food safety concerns

April 22, 2020

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Food Delivery SafetyFood hygiene and sanitation is a vital issue in the food service industry, especially in these times. With the growing demand for food delivery services, many restaurants face the dual challenges of speed and food safety. Bulman has helped butchers, delis, restaurants and farmers’ markets since 1905 with our extensive range of products to improve efficiency and sanitary and hygiene standards.

Social distancing has forced many restaurants to close their dine-in options and cater to a surge in households staying home and relying on food delivery services. Changing your business model and turning your restaurant or deli into a takeaway offering delivery options is not easy, but it is an essential transition for most to keep orders coming in over the next few months.

In this blog, we will share our top tips for a smooth, easy transition from dine-in to takeaway.

Partner up with a food delivery company

According to Statista, over 22.5 million people in the UK used home delivery in the first quarter of 2020,  up 10% compared to the same period last year. In the latest Statista snap poll on increasing the use of food delivery services, 60% of 18-24 years olds surveyed had already raised the frequency they use food delivery services. In comparison, 40% of 35-54 years olds and 34% of 55 years and above are likely to increase their frequency.

The worldwide quarantine is only one reason behind the higher frequency of using food delivery services. There is also an increase in the numbers of people who are struggling to refill their fridges because of the bare shelves in supermarkets. People who are disabled or sick may not be able to cook, and are therefore more reliant on delivery services.

Food delivery is not a luxury, but something people depend on to ensure their food security.

With the growing demand for food delivery services, food delivery companies and restaurants have seen a big increase in orders. Mindful Chef, a UK-based food box delivery company, reported an increase of 425% in new recipe box customers since the coronavirus break.

There are a growing number of food delivery companies competing for this burgeoning business. One of your first priorities is to identify, test and select the best food delivery company for your business. Many restaurants have opted to set up their own delivery service to cater to their local customers.

Efficiency: make sure your restaurant or shop is ready to fulfil an increasing number of orders at peak times

The nationwide quarantine results in people being more reliant on delivery than ever before. Many restaurants are working incredibly hard to meet increased demand. This sudden spike in demand raises the challenge of speed and efficiency for many restaurants.

To cope with this escalation, it is critical for restaurants to install the right tools to improve their speed and efficiency for fulfilling the incoming orders. That’s why we are here to help you!

Bulman has been serving the food industry – from a busy deli and butcher’s shops to retailers selling local fresh food products – since 1905 with our convenient food wrapping paper dispensers and cutters.

Stainless Steel Dispenser

Our All-In-One Stainless-Steel Dispensers are specially designed for food processing, fast food, meat and similar areas in the food industry with many advantages.


  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Rust-free, hygienic and sanitary method for food wrapping paper
  • Ensure fast and efficient food wrapping
  • Smooth paper dispensing and cutting
  • Allow you to pack your food and products swiftly and hygienically to fulfil the growing demand

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Ensure your food is ready to leave the premises – Food Hygiene and Safety Measures

These uncertain times results in extraordinary new food hygiene and safety measures, and transporting hot food outside the doors of your premises calls for some extra attention.

Bulman has the right tools to help you apply kitchen vigilance to ensure hygiene and trust with your customers:

Our Food Wrap Cling Film Dispenser is ideal for food packaging with many benefits.


  • Designed to offer a solid trimming surface and easy film roll changing
  • Constructed for strength and stability
  • Its rubber mounting feet preventing slipping to assure smooth dispensing and food packaging, decreasing the chance of unwanted contact with the food
  • Compact design occupies less counter space and features a top which lifts for easy film replacement
  • All types of clinging food wrap films can be dispensed as well as stretch wraps

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In a time when unnecessary social interaction is discouraged, it is noticeable that more people have chosen “contactless delivery” or “contact-free” delivery.

“Contactless delivery” is an option for food delivery service users to choose from if they want no human interaction at all, which means the food will be delivered directly to their doorstep, keeping an acceptable distance between the driver and the user. Applying this new measure alongside with utilising our Bulman products will help further reduce and minimise unnecessary risk.

With the help of Bulman paper dispenser and cutters, you can maintain your food sanitary levels to the high standards needed in today’s world as well as improving your efficiency to meet changing demands.

Don’t drop off the radar!

The fact that customers are no longer able to come and dine with you, or source their favourite products from your deli, should not stop you from promoting your business online.

With people spending more time at home, social media use is booming more than ever. What better way to let your customers know that you are open for business and even better! –  ready to deliver to their door (or doormat, for a contactless delivery), than a timely social media marketing campaign?

Now that you’ve learnt the essential tips on how to adapt to the new takeaway format smoothly, you’re ready to deal with the growing demands and the challenges of efficiency with the strict food safety standard.

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