Retailer resources: gift wrapping tips to boost your business

September 1, 2021

Bulman Products

Why do you need gift wrapping?

Gift wrapping is an inexpensive way to catch your customer’s attention. It is a simple add-on to your service, delights your customers and builds loyalty for your shop. Gift wrapping certainly comes in handy around holiday seasons. Personalised gift wrap also helps boost sales and make profit by the margins that gift wrapping allows.

What gift wrapping materials should you stock?

  • Bulk wrapping paper in a few colours for different genders, occasions and products: gift wrapping paper, Kraft paper, cellophane
  • A few colours of curling ribbons
  • Gift-wrap tape with a satin finish that disappears on most wrapping papers

Bulman paper cutting recommendations:

A500 Standard All-In-One Paper Cutter/Dispenser

The Standard All-in-one paper dispenser is the most widely used rolled paper cutter in the world. Designed to cut thin or thick paper by a tearing action, it’s perfect for fast gift wrapping as well as being easy to change rolls of paper. This paper dispenser is available in grey, matte blackglossy white and select sizes of stainless steel.

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How to simply install A500 in just one minute? Watch our video below!

Three-roll cellophane dispenser

Our three-roll cellophane dispenser holds smaller rolls of gift paper which is common in a lot of shops. The cutting mechanism is a blade inside a groove for extra safety. This product can cut regular or cellophane wrapping paper which are popular amongst a range of businesses, especially florists. This dispenser is also ideal for home use.
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Curling ribbon dispenser

Once you’ve finished wrapping, add the finishing touch to your gift wrap with the Curling Ribbon Dispenser. This comes in different shapes and sizes from desktop to wall mount. If you’d like to find out more about our product line, click Curling Ribbon Dispenser
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Other considerations when offering gift wrapping

How much to charge for gift wrapping? There are no right or wrong answers. Should it be £3, £4, £5? Make it free for customers spending over £X? Offer it as an incentive to boost sales?

Offer gift wrapping on everything or on selected items? Different merchandise takes wildly different time and efforts to wrap. Pair your manpower with your offerings.

Implement these gift wrapping tips to boost your sales today!

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