Retailer Resources: Getting ready for Christmas

November 5, 2019


Christmas retailer preparationsThe Christmas time is getting closer! Have you started preparing your business for this busy time of year? No worries, Bulman provides you the right tips and tools to get through the season in a stress-free and easy way! A combination of gift-wrapping service and simple promotion ideas can help you stand out from the competitors and reduce the pre-Christmas stress of your customers.

Gift wrapping service

Offering a gift-wrapping service is a simple and affordable option to make potential customers aware of your shop and create a good shopping experience. Here are some factors, that need to be considered for every gift-wrapping station:

The right equipment

To make the wrapping process as easy and time saving as possible, the right paper cutter for your shop needs to be selected. Bulman offers a wide range of paper roll dispensers in different versions and sizes adjusted to your needs.

Discover our Retailer Paper Cutters

Standard All-In-One Cutter/Dispenser

The Standard All-In-One Cutter is one of the most widely used paper roll dispensers in the world! Designed to cut thin or thick paper by a tearing action, it is the perfect solution for fast gift wrapping.


  • Roll changing is easy with dowel holders and knife arms that lock into open position
  • Includes rubber feet to protect surfaces
  • Can be easily mounted on counter, under counter or on a wall


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Three Roll Cellophane Dispenser

This handsome cellophane and wrapping paper holder provides full access to three rolls. That makes it the ideal choice, if you want to offer a variety of wrapping paper.


  • Each roll station is equipped with a Bulman Trim Master using either side of the double-edged, spring-loaded blade for easy and accurate cuts
  • Can be easily counter mounted or under counter mounted
  • Light weight and stable design aids mobility

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Ribbon Dispenser

Besides the paper cutters, a suitable ribbon dispenser can be used. Bulman’s bolt ribbon dispenser has been a standard for many years. It is simply constructed and extremely easy to use


  • Completely portable
  • Holds up various size rolls
  • Can be loaded and unloaded quickly
  • Discover our Retailer Ribbon Dispensers



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Wrapping Paper

After making a decision for the right paper cutter, a set of gift-wrapping paper needs to be provided. To fulfil the wishes of your customers, a selection of different colours and motives is essential. Choose some typical Christmas themes, something classic in red, green or gold, cellophane rolls and some designs for children. A range of 3-5 wrapping paper designs should be available in your store.

Tip: Let your customers decide individually, which wrapping paper theme they prefer.

Promotion ideas

Christmas offers

The Christmas season offers a good opportunity for special offers. Think about which offers would fit best to your business model. You could give a discount on certain products, amounts or numbers of purchased products. Additionally, you could create gift sets with some popular products. Make sure that the sets have a little discount compared to the price of the single products. Another idea is to add a small gift to every purchase above a certain amount (e.g. Christmas chocolate or sample articles).

The right decoration

It is important to decorate your shop festively in order to create a Christmas atmosphere. Place typical Christmas shop decorations within the store and shop windows (e.g. fir branches, gift boxes and light chains). For the windows Christmas stickers are a nice decoration idea, as well.

Tip: Make sure that your offers are positioned visibly in the store and window.

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