How to Wrap Presents Professionally – The Step by Step Guide

October 26, 2021

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Christmas holidays are coming! Time to start topping up your gift-wrapping service supplies! Gift-wrapping services are a great way to get your customers’ appreciation and loyalty: helping them survive the busy Christmas time. But the competition is high! Many other stores offer gift-wrapping stations. And that means your customers’ expectations are high too. Get your store to stand out from the crowd: offer creative and individual gift packages, wrapped professionally! We’ve collected the right tips and tools to show you how.

Get the right gift-wrapping supplies

Preparation is key for a professional gift-wrapping station! The size of your wrapping station can be flexible. Depending on the space available, you can judge how many wrapping paper rolls and ribbons you’ll need. Whether you are a small boutique or a big retail store, having an organized wrapping station is essential. Your employees need to find everything quickly and without making a mess, to create a joyful shopping experience for your busy Christmas customers. Here are the tools you need:

Wrapping Paper Cutters and Ribbon Dispensers

A great solution for a well-organised and efficient gift-wrapping station is gift-wrap and ribbon holders. You can store wrapping paper rolls and ribbons in the racks and easily dispense the size you need for every shape and size of present. Here are some of our top wrapping paper cutters and dispensers for retailers, available in different models and sizes:

  • Three Roll Cellophane DispenserThis handsome accommodates three or cellophane rolls, which gives you the chance to provide a variety of different designs to your customers. Each station is equipped with a cutting device for easy and accurate cuts.
  • Deluxe All-In-One Dispenser

    The Deluxe is perfect for your shop, if you have a smaller wrapping service and require less rolls. The dispenser is a holder and all in one and can be mounted on the counter, under counter or on a wall.

  • Ribbon Dispenser

    Our bolt ribbon dispenser has been standard for many years. A simple construction and easy usage support retailers all over the world for a professional gift decoration. The Ribbon Dispenser holds up various size rolls and can be loaded and unloaded quickly.

Wrapping Paper

Have a variety of wrapping paper rolls in different colours and designs. You could try a combination of classic Christmas patterns, wrapping paper for kids, single-coloured paper and cellophane.


Ribbons are the ideal finish for your professionally wrapped gift. Why not offer a seasonal variety of red, green and gold ribbons? If you want your wrapping station to stand out from other retailers, add some accessories: fir branches, pinecones, cinnamon sticks or dried oranges give your presents the final touch.

Individual and creative wrapping

Let your customer decide! Your customers are choosing handsome presents for their special ones so make sure the wrapping is special too! Show them samples of your gift-wrapping paper and let them decide which suits their present and if they would like any special ribbons or bows.

The wrapping process

Step 1: Dispense the size of wrapping paper matching the present’s size. For a professional look, the right size of wrapping paper is essential. The piece you dispense shouldn’t be too big or small.

Step 2: Then, wrap the paper around 2/3 of the whole present. Make sure that the wrapping paper is tight on the present and press it along the corners and sides.

Step 3: Afterwards, press the two sticking out ends tight together and cut the protruding parts so that you have enough paper to close the wrapping properly without excess paper bunching up.

Step 4: Fold the remaining sides into a triangle and fix with tape or by wrapping the ribbons around the present. For gift-wrapping beginners, it is easier to use tape and then set the ribbons above the taped parts in order to conceal the tape.

Step 5: For the final touch, garnish the present with fir cones, cinnamon sticks, dried oranges or other Christmas decorations.

Tools and the right wrapping process are a great start for your Christmas preparations. But another important part of creating professionally wrapped gifts, is practice! Don’t worry if it doesn’t work out the first time. Practice makes perfect and a busy Christmas season will give you lots of practice!

The Bulman Team wishes your shop a great and stress-free Christmas time!

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